Friday, January 30, 2009

Small PR firms deliver value in recession

Lisa van der Pool, ace reporter on the advertising/marketing beat at the Boston Business Journal reports on the economy’s impact on larger Boston public relations firms in her article Area PR firms trim their ranks in today’s BBJ.

Lisa writes: “Massachusetts public relations firms have laid off workers or decreased employee numbers through attrition in anticipation of a year that will see more companies looking to cut back on “soft” expenses, which for many includes public relations.” While these layoffs are a reality, Jennifer Boyes makes a compelling case for “PR During a Recession” in a article subtitled “How Public Relations Can Help Your Company Survive an Economic Slump”

Lisa’s article prompted this comment from me:

“When companies decide to cut back on PR expenses, many opt to work with small PR practices, partnerships and or sole practitioners--- as the monthly expenditure is much less than what they have been paying for large agencies (whose overhead is higher). PR remains an effective and tool to help drive awareness about companies’ products and services.

Recessions are no time to "go dark"! "


Enough noise about the recession. PR can and must continue to spread “Good News” on companies whose offerings deliver real value, that help their own customers succeed or derive benefits.
Bottom: Small PR practices can deliver value in a recession.
Time to pump up the volume!

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