Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On the Job with Steve Jobs

A personal Steve Jobs memory...

I've been selling/marketing/promoting Apple products and related tech since 1982-- the Apple II and Apple III days.

In 1985, I worked in Boston as a sales rep for Businessland and I understand I was one of the top salespeople of Macs among all the Businessland stores nationwide. I ate and drank Macintosh night and day and somehow got companies to buy the original dinky 128 Macs by wowing them with them with cut and paste in MacWrite and its wacky San Francisco font. Whenever someone came into our store looking for a Mac, they'd get sent my way...

One day (much to my chagrin), I was out of the store on my lunch break when a unshaven guy with dark hair, black turtleneck and jeans came walked into my place of employ. While I would have recognized him in a nano-second, my colleagues didn't recognize this ungainly character who said to the salesperson who went up to serve him:
"I'm looking for a computer for my business, what can you show me?"

The other sales guy replied:
"Well, if you're looking for a business computer.... you're going to want an IBM PC."

Steve Jobs looked him in the eye and said "Wrong answer!," and walked out of our store over to the Computerland store across the street where their Mac guy replied to the identical question with "A business computer? There's really no choice other than the Apple Macintosh."

The guy in the black turtleneck said "Right Answer," and promptly put in an order for 20 Macs.

I don't take lunch breaks any more.

Steve and the company he built has kept me employed, informed, entertained and engaged ever since.

Thus while I knew his demise was imminent, I can't help feeling "iSad"

For all of us who owe our jobs to you, thank you Mr. Jobs.

Patrick Rafter/Valuecasters (Wellesley, MA)