Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Future of TV (and other media): "Monetization"

While many of my peers continue to watch TV for news, sports, movies-- surveys have been showing that broadcast/CATV viewship with 20/30somethings has plummeted.

My friend, Laura Locke (TIME Magazine contributor/first-rate tech observer) has an interesting new piece up on Conde Nast Porfolio.com: The Future of Television: Streaming Ahead.

Laura's prediction:

"more on-demand, ad-supported, free internet video interlaced with user-generated and commercial content, more personalized programming with interactive options-all watchable on screens of any size at anytime."

In a companion piece, Wired.com's Bryan Gardiner comments
"the real future of TV is on the Web".

My conclusion---Beyond TV.. the future of ALL media is on the Web (for the immediate future).

Who will pay for the creation, delivery and use of online info and entertainment content is in flux.
As Locke points out in her article: "Monetization remains the trick."
Or as Cuba Gooding told Jerry Maguire: "Show me the money!"

Newspapers have found out the hard way....
This week the citizens of Seattle became the latest major city to wrestle with how to
save their hometown paper
(the Seattle Post Intelligencer).

The P-I's name and challenge in the new media world---is epyonymous for what print media
are faced with: where will we find intelligent commentary/thoughtful news in a Post-Newspaper world? A topic for Paul Gillin's excellent Newspaper Deathwatch blog?

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  1. Patrick - Keep an eye on our company, Newsforce. Core to our mission is finding multiple methods to monetize online editorial and video news, because we think it's not only important from a societal perspective but also because the news-reading audience is a valuable one for advertisers.

    Our first network uses long-form "storytelling media" to mashup PR and Advertising in delivering an engaged news audience for advertisers. It's different than banners, video overlays, rich, etc. As we continue to refine our user experience and our network of news sites, we are learning more than ever before about how people consume "advertorial" and sponsored content. Clue: they don't hate it - in fact, they like it, if it's transparent and relevant to them.

    We are already serving on almost 300 premium news sites, and growing all the time. We may not hit momentum in time to save the Seattle PI, but we do think we can help some of the better news mastheads out there.

    Dana Todd, CMO
    Newsforce, Inc.


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