Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How do Teens stay informed?

A big concern of mine is that it appears to me that a significant number of young people do not appear to be interested in the news.

As a parent of two teens and a five-year old, this issue hits home.

While lots of teen/Millennial websites are focused on popular culture (celebs, fashion, music, dealing with friends/boyfriends/parents)... are kids from 16-25 paying attention to what is going on in the country/the world? Facebook and texting their peers won't fill them in on what's going on...

While youth involvement in Obama campaign is encouraging-- I'm still concerned that not enough young people read a daily newspaper (offline or online).

One bright spot (out of Boston) Teen Voices is an intensive journalism mentoring and leadership development program for teen girls in Boston that creates an internationally distributed print and online alternative magazine reaching 60,000 readers worldwide and receiving 7.2 million hits from 98 countries. Check them out at www.teenvoices.com


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