Thursday, October 11, 2012

Unsolicited Advice to the Candidates

 I usually don’t like to weigh in on my blog on controversial topics like politics, sex, drugs, religion or (anything else worth talking about),  but after watching the VP debate and more election ads than I can tolerate…

I’m fed up with the rhetoric and fluffy noise of all the candidates,
Republican or Democrat, Green or Independent, etc.

That inspires me to offer Unsolicited Advice to the Candidates
Including what  they should stop saying in the debates, in their annoying ads, etc…

Here in the spirit of bipartisanship… my 2 cents, take it or leave it:

1.   Stop telling sappy personal stories about Americans in hard times….we’re smarter than that…

2.   We’re electing our leaders… kill the sappy anecdotes about your spouses, parents, past bosses, a steel worker you met in Toledo, an unwed mother in Tampa don’t score points with thinking people…. So contrived it makes me sick.

3.   Answer the questions that are asked of you, Answer the questions that are asked of you, Answer the questions that are asked of you…

4.   Make sure that the POTUS/VP, Senate, Rep candidates aren’t using the identically same catchphrases in their TV ads

5.   “My percentages are better than yours are!!! Nannny, nanny, boo, boo!!” C’mon, the electorate aren’t statisticians!

6.   Know your stuff but don’t preach, don’t teach…

7.   When you smile and laugh, make it genuine….

8.   Wanna show bipartisanship?  How about honestly and publicly admitting when your opponent has a good idea?

9.   Don’t OVEREXECUTE during debates by sending out tons of Tweets from the @FauxCandidatesTwitter Accounts during the debates… it smacks of inauthicity… be honest and responsive, not robotic.

10.                 Don’t claim you’re better…
Instead, tell us how we can come together to fix the most important problems facing the country (in no necessary order):
The Debt, joblessness, economic conditions/business conditions, healthcare, longterm competitiveness (through education), poverty, affordable healthcare, cost of living.

Catchphrases that should be stricken from all discussions:
American families
Middle class
Wealthy people
Working people
Fighting for you
Many more I don’t have time for….

What do you think?
Let’s fix our country, together.