Sunday, December 28, 2008

New England's tagline?

My friend and fellow Nantucket Conference collaborator Scott Kirsner did an interesting post on his InnoEconomy blog that appeared in the Globe recently... In it he and other are musing the
branding of New England:

What Does 'New England' Mean in the New Global Economy?

My two suggestions for New England taglines:
1) New England-- A History of Innovation.
2) Where tradition meets new ideas

Several years ago the State of New Jersey did a contest and came up with some funny submissions:

More than Newark
NJ--what exit
NJ-- you godda problem with that?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

Time to Intrastand one another

While I've been promoting others' blogs, online communities and digital businesses for 20+ yrs, I haven't felt the need to put up my own blog. Until now.

Events in the mediasphere in 2008 have been so dramatic that I can't resist chiming in on some of the significant developments.

Never before have so many changes happened so quickly, with such profound impact. Our inter-connectedness (through networks online and off, financial systems, supply chains, world markets) have made business and communications more efficient-- yet it also means that we are all inter-dependent. Connections can bring both benefits and tragedies.

I launched Rafter Communications back in 1999. Later (in 2004) coined and trademarked the term Intrastand (R) to describe my observation on the need to conduct open communications that recognizes interdependency and encourages transparent multi-directional connections.
I wrote then:

"When enterprises & the people they interact with (journalists, analysts, business partners, customers, prospects even employees and their families) "intrastand" one another--no one loses. Relationships become intradependent. All parties benefit.”

"Influence", "PR" and "Marketing" are 20th-Century artifacts of how business was done before modern media (e-mail, social media and Web communities) changed the face of communications forever. In the age of the Web, these atavisms are revealed as obsolete tactics because they removed “commonality” from communications. Today, the most important direction any organization must go is back and forth, through meaningful intra-actions.

Intra-standing vs. Understanding
By putting the best interests of others on a par with our own interests—we’ll see mutual advantages.

What do you think? Let’s get the dialogue going.