Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Message is the Message

PR is dead, Long live Publics Relations

Christine Perkett (whom I like to think of as another benevolent PR practioner here in Boston),

just put up a nice post on her blog answering the question someone posed to her from the audience in a recent Q&A session: Can I do my own PR?

Christine does a nice job describing the ongoing business value of PR and gets in a nice shot at

Jason Calacanis for his absurd "Fire your PR company" post.

You'll enjoy Christine's post which made me ponder....

With so many people jumping on the social media bandwagon, its important to emphasize content, source and detail. To turn McLuhan upside down. The medium isn't the message-- the message is the message. While the various media are becoming increasingly transparent, there's no short cut to good journalism and good PR (which helps to feed and support good journalism).

Using PR strategies and tactics to effectively engage and interact with all relevant publics-- is a skill and a business imperative.

What's changing with the shakeup in the media world--- Web 2.0 tools now let the messengers share the message to both influencers (formerly press and analysts) and with audiences (formerly readership/viewership). All are part of the process. Delivery of news and pseudo-news via undirectional mass media is increasingly replaced by dialogue and discovery.

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  1. Hi Patrick! Shame on me for missing this before. I wanted to say thanks for the mention and THANK YOU for this post. I really appreciate the "medium isn't the message" mantra and I think we are going to see a lot more of this in the pending social media fallout. (Not death of, but focus on who is really strategically using it and not just talking about it.) It's the new shiny toy - especially Twitter - and I can't say enough how it's not killing PR. It's just making it better.

    Why everyone who uses social media suddenly thinks they are a PR whiz is beyond me, but it's an interesting development to watch.

    I hope you are doing well!

    Thanks again,


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