Monday, November 23, 2009

The Online Identity Crisis

Millions of bloggers and users of social media could potentially face what I call "The Online Identity Crisis." Since there hasn't really been an effective way to protect our online identity from online impostors who can masquerade as us-- we run the risk of having bad guys do things that can damage our reputations, hurt our brands, misrepresent our thoughts and messages-- by pretending to be us.

From Mashable, to the Huffington Post... from TechCrunch to blogs covering the Hollywood scene, stories of online impostors pretending to be celebrities and plain regular folk are popping up all over.
Fortunately, a solution to this problem is now available--a new, free online service that goes into public beta tomorrow:
ItsMoi validates you are the actual owner/creator of your blog or your social media account
it then uses crowdsourcing to have those who know you verify your identity. Verify me on my blog at

While there are millions of people called Li in China, lots of Jane Smiths in the US, and Mohammed is the most common name worldwide, ItsMoi will be valuable as its tagline suggests:

"Because there's only one you"

I'm sure that Popeye would concur.

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