Wednesday, October 7, 2009

16 Best Quotes from #IMS09-- Day 1

#IMS09 is a seminal event.
Here are some highlights of comments from speakers at Day 1 of the conference.
I'll share day two tomorrow.

Connect, Engage, Benefit

“90% of word of mouth takes place offline”

“Marketing silos suck!”

“Content is King, but Marketing is Queen---and she runs the household.”

@DavidBaeza (Citrix):
“Customers controls the brand Be Transparent. Listen. Care”

“Listening is the new black”

“Be found, engage, build profitable relationships”

“Social media has forced companies to become closer—breaking down internal silos”

@bhalligan (Hubspot CEO)
“Now’s a great time to be in a small company!”

“How to measure effectiveness of PR 2.0?
Inbound links, search engine ranking, traffic hits leads”
“More change in ad biz in last 9 mos than in the last 9 yrs”

@richullman (Ripple6):
So what works in future of marketing?
• Low investment, high return)
• Well connected
• Highly collaborative
• Comfortable
• Self-sustaining
• Asset-creating
• Word of mouth inspiring
• Insight generating

“Companies should issue news releases not press releases.
Today we (everyone) are the media.”

@ducttape (John Jantsch)
“Marketing is the technology to co-create know, like & trust”
“Trust is built when value is co-created at the intersection of hi tech, hi touch.”

“Social Media are changing the relationship between artists and their fans, creating new models of patronage, commerce. When artists give up control of their work (by putting it on the web and allowing their fans to participate and interact with it) great new art is created.”
Free collection of digital tools for audience building distribution and commerce:

“Marketing puts people in buckets--- social media empties the buckets. Connect with the person behind that Twitter handle.”
One bucket we all want to hangout in: The beer bucket
Stay connected offline through social events where we can share experiences, have fun.”

Valeria Maltoni (
No Twitter account.
“Participation activates content”

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  1. Patrick
    Thanks for the nod here. There was a lot of good stuff said, and you've captured some of the best.

    Rich Ullman
    svp, marketing
    Ripple6, Inc.


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