Friday, July 10, 2009

Leaving Tech Behind -- A Day on Baker's Island

While my work as a PR 2.0 communications consultant requires me to be switched on, hooked up, LinkedIN, Twitter talkin' and e-mail engaged night and day...

Tomorrow, I get to leave technology behind for a single day.

On Sat, July 11--- I'll be somewhere without electricity:
Baker's Island-- a tiny 55 acre island off of the coast of Massachusetts' North Shore.
Baker's is a 55 acre heaven run by a private association of its members (public not allowed).

I first visited Baker's Island in the summer of 1984 (courtesy of the family of my long-time friend Bart Littlefield)-- who own a house on the island. Bart and I were members of a 10 man a cappella singing group called The Bosstones (not to be confused with the later pretenders to the name "The Mighty Mighty Bosstones").

That group was my principal extracurricular activity during the 1980s. The 10 to 12 of us ('Sstones) had much fun -- serenading at Quincy Market, Edgartown's Whaling Church and for
at least 4 summers that I can recall on Baker's Island.

A trip to Baker's takes one back in time. There are no cars, no roads, no telephone wires, no electricity. Lighting and refrigeration is gas-powered. The only way to get around the island is to walk down idyllic grassy pathways bounded by hedgerows that remind me of Normandy and Sussex.

There's not much to do on Baker's. That's the point. Recline, Stroll, Laugh with friends, Drink, Swim, Sail, Windsurf, Sing Repeat.

On July 11 -- the Bosstones will reunite for another on-island singfest accompanied by members of the loyal Bosstones Auxilliary (suffering spouses) as well as a number of brave children (who weren't embarrased to see their Dads attempt to recreate the sounds they first made 25 yrs before).
Forget FACEBOOK, this is how friends should connect.

I can't wait!

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